Indexable Blade Reamer – Part 1

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In this giant universe that comprises the world of machining materials, a type of tool is capable of great deeds. It is the Indexable Blade Reamer, also known as Blade Reamer.

After all, what is an Indexable Blade Reamer?

As the name itself implies, it is a tool whose cutting edge can be replaced. Besides that, the blade can be adjusted and may have an optimized cutting geometry. It´s also made of a proper material considering the application in which it´s going to work.

At the image below, we can see how are the details of this tool.

 Blade Reamer

Here we have an exploded view of a Pattern Blade Reamer (see more in our catalogs). Its components are listed below:

1.) Indexable Blade – it´s the cutting element that can be replaced or adjusted when necessary

2.) Clamp – holds the Blade in its work position

3.) Clamp Screw – fixates the Clamp to the Reamer

4.) Pads – guides that play roles like: stabilization, reference to blade adjustment and finishing

5.) Wedges – support the Blades and allow its adjustment

6.) Screws – pressure the Wedges allowing them to adjust the Blades

There is a lot more to be said about Indexable Blade Reamer. Wait for the Part 2. Meanwhile, take a look at the picture below and see how versatile this concept can be. And these are just a share of all the possible applications for this incredible tool.

Cam-Shaft Bore Injection Pumps
Connecting Rod Suspension Arm
Injection Nozzle Transmission Housing
Master Cylinder Crank-Shaft Bore
Transmission Housing Valve Seat and Valve Guide
Gear Drive

See Part 2.

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