• The company was founded in Sept-1942 by Mr. Salim Hanna as a small tool shop, whose activities has been driven by the needs of the local market for special tools and fixtures, not available in the country due the second world war.
    The business started at the city of São Paulo, that by the time was a cradle to many enterprises for that very reason: traditional countries that supplied Brazil with manufactured goods, were involved in the war. From the start, the company dedicated to the manufacturing of tube expanders and lathe chucks.
    During the fifties, with the installation of the first oil refineries in Brazil, the company developed all the technology related to tube expanders.
    In the sixties, the automotive industry invested heavily in Brazil, and Hanna started the production of special tools dedicated to super-finish brake cylinders: the roller burnishing technology. By 1980, the company moves to the city of Limeira, 150 km from the state capital, São Paulo, where owns a 4,000 m² building on 10.000 m² of land.
    Today, with 180 collaborators, mainly engineers, technicians and skilled workers, Hanna has assured a great performance with high technology tools, with world wide presence and ISO 9001 Certification. Hanna products are present in Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy,Korea, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Venezuela.In order to maintain its edge in the field of high tech tools, Hanna invests continuously in human resources, state of art equipment and research, searching for its consolidation in the global market.

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  • HANNA is a company that has specialized in the development and production of high precision tools and finishing surface tools.
    Our products are engineered by the needs and specifications of the customers and performed by high qualified engineers and technicians.
    This comprehensive know-how has been acquired during almost 70 years dedicated to the development and manufacturing of special and high precision tools.


  • Personal dedication to several special needs of the metal parts manufacturers.
  • Engineer staff with full capacity and up-dated with the last technological trends.
  • A state of art machine shop.
  • Constant investments both on personal training, skills and equipment.
  • Deep and comprehensive Know-how to develop full solutions on complete machining cycles with maximized performance.
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