Multi-Flute Solid Reamers

Apr 02, 2011 Comments Off by

Hanna offers as part of it’s tool line, multi-edged solid reamers, as well as replaceable blade adjustable reamers. It is important to know how to select the type of reamers that is better suited to a specific job.

In many applications the customer can decide for one or the other type, without compromising the performance. But there are some applications where the multi-edge reamer is paramount for success of the operation.

For instance, the applications where deep bores (L>2D) are machined in medium-high alloy steel, that are critical for the reaming process.

Actually, the biggest problem in reaming is the proper and efficient chip evacuation.

Another advantage is the feed rate (cycle time) for the multi-edge reamer is better, as it can perform the operation faster.

Today in large volume production, the cycle time is the main cost component in manufacturing.

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