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Indexable Blade Reamer – Part 2

Feb 15, 2016 Comments Off by

In part 1 (see here), we saw some details of the Blade Reamers´ concept. The components and applications of this tool were discussed. Now, we will see some of its advantages and benefits. 1.) Fine adjustment This is its main advantage. Blade Reamers are built to generate a specific dimension. However, its fine adjustment system […]

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Indexable Blade Reamer – Part 1

Jan 15, 2016 Comments Off by

In this giant universe that comprises the world of machining materials, a type of tool is capable of great deeds. It is the Indexable Blade Reamer, also known as Blade Reamer. After all, what is an Indexable Blade Reamer? As the name itself implies, it is a tool whose cutting edge can be replaced. Besides […]

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MQL Tools and Tool Adapters

Dec 16, 2015 Comments Off by

The application of MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) technology in the machining processes offers a more efficient alternative to traditional coolant usage, especially when residues and the environmental aspects are a concern. MQL uses a minimum lubricant quantity instead of coolant. While coolants flood the area where tool and working piece touch in an attempt to […]

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Technical Exchange and Qualification – Sandvik Coromant

Jul 03, 2015 Comments Off by

The first steps were taken! Derived from the Cooperation Agreement with Sandvik Coromant signed recently, the initial actions to promote the technical qualification and the exchange of experience were taken with great success! From May to July, 2015 a number of actions between Hanna Tools and Sandvik Coromant teams have been held at our headquarter […]

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Technical Commercial Meeting at Hanna

Jul 02, 2015 Comments Off by

In order to promote a commercial realignment to the company´s strategies, to improve the technical qualification of its sales force and to evaluate oportunities of improvement in both the organizational processes and customer service level, Hanna Tools technical assistants and representatives attended a Technical Commercial Meeting, held at Salim Hanna auditorium on June 25th and […]

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